What is known in South Africa as Birth Masala is actually an Ayurvedic
Concoction which benefits everyone, not only New Mothers. As a new mother,
I was given birth masala in various food preparations . That’s all I knew… that after birth the body
needs to heal and recover from the intense changes it goes through for the
nine months and finally delivery.

So what exactly is Birth Masala? 
I, soon  realised that we as Indians are so blessed that our
ancestors had such deep knowledge. This Ayurvedic Post natal Herbal formula is used by the
post natal woman to maintain health and beauty.

More importantly, it’s especially for the lactating mother as whatever food they
are consuming will have an impact on the baby’s digestion. Upon delivery the
digestive power of woman is poor, and the Vata Dosha seems to be
aggravated. This formula helps. It’s also beneficial for others, especially those
suffering from poor digestion, Diabetes, high Cholesterol and flatulence.
Recipes to make this concoction has been passed down many generations in
South India and is packed with nutrients.

Some of the spice ingredients used and their and health benefits are :
# Coriander- anti oxidant / anti bacterial
# Peppers- treats colds and coughs
# Cumin- good for flatulence and digestion
# Ginger- digestion
# Dhal – protein
# Arisi thipli – generates body heat
# Kanda thipli- relieves body pain.

Health benefits:
* Eases any kind of digestive disorders and stomach problems.
* Recommended for post-natal diet.
* Aids in control of Diabetes.
* Removes impurities from the stomach.
* Cures sore throat and ulcers
* Relieves fatigue

In South Africa Birth masala is prepared and enjoyed as a hot milk drink or in
Chicken curry or soup. In South India the traditional way is to mix freshly
boiled rice with a teaspoon of butter ghee and a teaspoon of Birth masala.
This is rigorously taken once a week for optimum health. It is sure to leave you
cleansed and refreshed.

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