Quick and Easy Week-day Dinner

Most of us can agree on the fact that life just seems to get more hectic each and every day. As much as we love delicious home-cooked meals, many of us do not have time to slave in front of the stove for hours upon end.

Well guess what? With Shan quick and easy pre-mixes, you can cook up a mouth-watering, authentic dinner after a long day’s work in a short time-span. The box comes with an easy and simple to follow recipe.

Chinese Food lovers will appreciate this quick and easy to follow recipe which can be cooked with chicken, prawns, steak or as a vegetarian or vegan meal. The noodles can also be substituted with rice depending on your preference.

TIP: Feel free to experiment with the dish by adding in your own personal flavour and style.

  • Add fresh or crushed hot red or green chilies to spice it up.   (You can never have enough spice)
  • Don’t be restricted by the ingredients at the back of the box. Use the vegetables that you enjoy and prefer.
  • A dash more of soya sauce, garlic and ginger to create the zest you love
  • Garnish the dish with roasted fresh cashew nuts as an added extra treat.

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